Safety Equation®

Praesidium’s Safety Equation® – the foundation for all of our work

Praesidium’s Safety Equation® identifies eight organizational operations that provide opportunities to decrease the risk of abuse by employees, volunteers, or other program participants. Using current research and root cause analyses of thousands of cases of abuse, Praesidium has identified best practices in each operation and created products and services that help organizations implement these practices.

The Praesidium Safety Equation® can be viewed as a conceptual mathematical model with each operation contributing “safety points” to a program. Your aim is to earn 100 conceptual safety points—where or how you earn them doesn’t matter so much as earning them. This gives organizations flexibility to accommodate unique program characteristics while remaining safe.

For example, a school may not require in-depth screening of parents before allowing them to attend an activity in their child’s classroom. The school would not earn safety points in screening and selection, but could make up for it by increasing their level of supervision, such as requiring parents to remain in line-of-sight of the teacher at all times.

Praesidium has identified more than 800 best practice standards, some appropriate to all organizations and others more program specific. These standards are now widely used across the United States in organizations such as schools and universities, churches, camps, youth development programs, foster care and social service programs, resort properties, health clubs, and programs serving vulnerable adults.