Social Services

Social Services

Children in out-of-home care are two to four times more likely to be sexually or physically abused.

Social service organizations provide invaluable services to at-risk youths, but the good work you provide is not without challenges. Presumably removed from their parents to be placed in a safe environment, some children end up abused yet again.

Offenders seek employment and volunteer opportunities to gain access to youths. And while the vast majority of employees and foster parents provide loving care, others fail to adequately supervise and protect children, allowing them to fall prey to abuse by an adult or another child. Similar fates are in store for countless children awaiting adoption, serving time in correctional facilities, detoxing in drug treatment programs, living in residential treatment centers, and sleeping in night shelters.

Praesidium has worked closely with hundreds of social service organizations, serving a variety of populations. Our expert team can assess the extent to which your programs have in place best practice standards and provide recommendations for protecting your participants from abuse and employees and volunteers from false allegations.

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     Safety of clients is paramount in our work with children and youth in treatment foster care. Through working with Praesidium, we strengthened our practice and incorporated management of risk at every level—hiring, training, supervision, and monitoring. Praesidium accreditation is an excellent way to demonstrate our commitment to safety and zero tolerance for abuse.

Kathy Joyner
Director of Programs, Omni Visions, Inc.

     Achieving Praesidium Accreditation for St. Aemilian-Lakeside was an extremely worthwhile endeavor. Their thorough review validated the good work we are doing and brought helpful suggestions on potential enhancements to our practices. We are altering and enriching some of our staff training as a result, which should only improve our work with some of society’s most vulnerable children. We strive to be the best organization we can be regarding the critical goal of child safety, and we are proud to have earned this national stamp of excellence.

Ann Leinfelder Grove
Vice President, Strategy and Innovation, SaintA