Resort, Hospitality and Entertainment

Resort, Hospitality, and Entertainment

Child molesters love crowds.

Child molesters love crowds, where they can offend anonymously and not get caught. Crowds like at the movies, sporting events, or amusement and water parks. Even hotels, cruise lines, and country clubs face a challenge because offenders can blend in with other guests, and parents sometimes let their supervision guard down.

Praesidium understands where the risks are in the hospitality, resort, and entertainment industries and how to effectively manage them. And you want to rest assured that you are doing everything you can to keep your guests safe and free to have a wonderful experience.

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     We selected Praesidium in our search to find a provider for abuse prevention training for our summer camp counselors. Not only did they offer economical rates for training our staff, but we found the information so informative, easy-to-follow, and at times very emotional that we now require more of our youth-serving staff to take the course. Praesidium is professional in their administration and we have had no problems with the service. I highly recommend their program for those that have programs or services that deal with youth.

Rich Andrae
Director of Wellness and Recreation, The Briar Club