Child Care

Child Care

“Something horrible happened to my daughter!”

Imagine hearing this from a mother of one of the children in your program. She tells you that her four-year-old daughter cried on the way home from child care and said her bottom hurt because of what her classmate did to her.

We know that children are exposed to far more sexually explicit content on television and the Internet than ever before, and statistics tell us that the frequency and severity of sexual activity between even very young children is increasing dramatically. In addition, child care programs sometimes employ adults who are there for all the wrong reasons: they say mean things to children, hurt them physically, and sometimes even sexually abuse them.

Praesidium can assess the extent to which your child care program has in place best practice standards to decrease the risk of child to child sexual acting out and sexual and physical abuse by adults. And if we find something missing, we can help you fill in the blanks. Don’t think that background checks and complying with state licensing standards are enough.

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Does the training you provide employees and volunteers work to change behavior, or does it just provide a “check in the box” every two or three years? Does it engage the learners? Are you certain it covers the correct content? Do you reliably track and ensure completion? Praesidium provides a complete training delivery system for organizations, including customized online courses, onsite workshops, DVD programs, mini-minders and just-in-time videos. Learn More
Policy Development
Policies define the bandwidth of acceptable behavior in your organization—what’s permitted and what’s not—and inform and empower employees and volunteers to take action before an incident occurs. Praesidium reviews your existing policies and helps develop new policies that permit you to accomplish your mission while prohibiting behaviors most commonly associated with abuse. Learn More
Risk Assessment and Accreditation®
Now your organization can publicly demonstrate that it meets the highest standards of abuse prevention in the nation. Using Praesidium’s proprietary risk management system, our team of Safety Analysts comes on site to evaluate your practices in eight key organizational operations. You receive a detailed report outlining strengths and potential exposures in each program and a prioritized action plan to close any gaps. Once you’ve closed the gaps, you earn Praesidium Accreditation®, proof to your stakeholders, the community, and your insurance underwriters of your demonstrated commitment to safety. Learn More
Screening and Selection Services
Deciding who has access to those you serve is one of the most important decisions you can make, but many organizations still rely only on a simple background check to screen employees and volunteers. Read on to learn the surprising truth about background checks and how Praesidium’s screening and selection services can help overhaul your hiring process. Learn More
Incident Investigation
Reviewing allegations of inappropriate behavior or suspected abuse can be complicated. Praesidium’s unbiased, expert investigations help gather facts, identify potential gaps in your organization’s abuse prevention practices, and deliver a confidential final report with findings and recommendations. Learn More
Background Checks
Praesidium’s background check services help you take the first step in effectively screening employees and volunteers. Learn More


     At Learning Care Group, our facilities are designed to provide a nurturing environment for children to learn, explore, and develop at their own pace. We believe that a safe, stimulating classroom setting helps promote a child’s love of learning. To help ensure we’re achieving this goal, we partnered with Praesidium to conduct a Risk Assessment of our schools, which included an extensive review of our policies, screening materials, training systems, and methods of monitoring and supervision. During their visits, Praesidium’s experts transferred their knowledge and observations into practical guidance for our staff, tailoring their recommendations to fit our culture and work within our systems.

Kathy Glodich, CSP
Health and Safety Manager, Risk Management, Learning Care Group, Inc.