Church and Faith-Based

Hold your ministry to a higher standard.

Your church or ministry may be the last place you would expect sexual abuse to occur, but molesters often exploit the trusting environment of faith-based organizations. They count on the church or ministry to embrace them with little scrutiny and to automatically assume the best—even when such assumptions are not warranted. And churches and ministries sometimes run short on program and administrative employees, allowing dangerous gaps in screening, training, and supervision. In the spirit of redemption and forgiveness, some churches allow convicted sex offenders to take part in services and even operate programs.

Faith-based organizations continue to face child abuse claims and lawsuits—don’t let your ministry’s prevention efforts fall behind other organizations and national standards of care. Victims won’t hurt less and courts won’t be more forgiving because abuse occurred in a faith-based organization.

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     Praesidium has been a key part of our risk assessment and management program for several years. They’ve demonstrated reliable strengths in a variety of areas including safety assessments, background screening, abuse prevention training, policy creation and even crisis response. Additionally, their team has helped us identify areas we can continue to improve, helping us toward our goal of creating a safer environment for our staff, volunteers and the kids we work with. We chose Praesidium because we were looking for more than a service provider, we were looking for a partner we could trust – and that is what we’ve found.

Seth Baker
AVP, Risk Management, Youth for Christ USA

     The Salvation Army Western Territory has entrusted Praesidium with our abuse risk management needs for more than a decade. What began as a review of a small program has grown into an ongoing partnership that included a risk assessment of all programs, development of standards and online training for field staff, and the creation of screening and selection criteria for employees and volunteers. Most recently, Praesidium built an online self-assessment to help our programs measure their practices against the highest abuse prevention standards.

Our partnership with Praesidium has allowed the Salvation Army Western Territory to protect its mission and continue to serve those in need.

Anne Calvo
Child Safety Consultant, The Salvation Army Western Territory