Youth Development

Youth Development

Kids and communities need programs like yours.

Children and youths benefit from programs like yours where they can make friends, learn new skills, and experience meaningful relationships with caring adults. But not everyone who wants to work with kids does so for the right reasons. Some seek access to kids to meet their own sexual needs…and they exploit organizations like yours along the way!

Praesidium knows how offenders operate in youth development programs and what can be done to prevent them from harming those you serve. Learn more about our work with specific youth programs or contact us today to discuss a plan for your organization.

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      We engaged Praesidium to conduct an organizational risk assessment of our abuse prevention practices. Praesidium’s style during the assessment was to ask questions and to listen. There was no lecturing, no judgment—they were there to learn and understand what we did. Their evaluation of our organization was remarkable in its accuracy in portraying where our abuse prevention efforts really were and where we could become stronger. As one long-time, respected director said, “I’ve been here for eight years. Praesidium was here for just two days and they know more about our operations than I do.

Our connection with Praesidium has been the most important risk management tool the YMCA of Greater Seattle has utilized.

Susan Strong
AVP/Risk Manager, YMCA of Greater Seattle

      Praesidium is a valuable partner in reducing child sexual abuse incidents and protecting local Clubs from costly litigation.

Les Nichols
National Vice President, Child and Club Safety, Boys & Girls Clubs of America