Higher Education

Higher Education

Colleges and universities often serve more minors than college students.

Colleges and universities are just now systematically discovering that they often serve far more minors on their campuses than college students.

Recent events have alerted universities to the tremendous exposures they face when serving minors on campus and in university hosted, sponsored, or endorsed programs. Litigation for claims of child sexual abuse by employees, volunteers, coaches, and teachers continues, with awards in the millions of dollars. And recently, university leadership has even been criminally charged for failing to respond properly to reports of suspicious behaviors.

Praesidium knows how abuse happens on campuses, how to prevent it, and how to respond in ways that reduce harm to victims, comply with the law, and preserve the reputation of your institution. Click here to read our article from the 2012 URMIA Journal describing Praesidium’s 9-step model for preventing abuse on your campus.

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