Most elderly nursing homes residents are physically, emotionally, financially, or sexually abused or neglected!

Shocking but true. Recent studies show that almost half (44 percent) of nursing home residents have been physically abused and nearly all (95 percent) say they have experienced or witnessed neglect.

Just as alarming, more than a third of employees report having witnessed physical abuse and 10 percent admit they have committed it. The rates are even higher with verbal abuse: 81 percent of employees report that they have observed this form of abuse and 40 percent admit to psychologically abusing residents. Perhaps most startling is that the majority of elderly abuse is witnessed by others yet still not reported!

Now imagine that one of the victims is your mother or your father, or someday, maybe even you. Praesidium has analyzed hundreds of cases of elderly abuse and can help your organization prevent sexual, physical, and verbal abuse and neglect.

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