Hospitals and Health Care

Hospitals and Health Care

Do no harm.

Hospitals and healthcare providers understand “do no harm” when it comes to medicine, but what happens if a female undergoing inpatient surgery is fondled by a tech? Or a psychiatric patient is raped by another patient? Or a child undergoing chemotherapy is molested by her nurse?

No one knows for certain how many patients, both adults and youths, are sexually abused by employees or other patients in hospitals, drug treatment centers, psychiatric facilities, or other behavioral health programs, but setting characteristics make the risk apparent.

Patients and their families are often at their most vulnerable, seeking help for serious or even life-threatening situations. They may be medicated and unable to speak up or protect themselves, disrobed, or in need of intimate care. Authorized medical procedures may require the use of strangers’ hands or instruments in otherwise private parts of the body. These conditions require enormous trust—trust that is far too often violated.

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