Background Checks

Background Checks

What you don’t know can hurt those in your care and your organization.

Your first line of defense against sexual offenders is to keep them out of your programs. That’s why deciding who has access to those in your care is one of the most important decisions you make. And background checks can help. But did you know that not all background checks are equal?

Praesidium searches more than 415 million public records from national and international sources and can advise you on which checks to run based on state-specific regulations and where your applicant has lived. Call us to compare the strength and pricing of our checks with your current vendor.

Once the check comes back, what’s next? Do you know how to respond to red flags on the report? What if the applicant disputes the results? Can you legally disqualify an applicant based on a minor offense? Praesidium can help you decide—consultation is included with every background check order.

Learn more about our background check products and pricing below or click here for information on the other screening and selection services we provide.


*Background check regulations, requirements, and fees change frequently; please call Praesidium to discuss your organization’s needs.