Policy Development

Policy Development

Policies empower employees.

     We always thought it was kind of odd that he gave kids gifts or took them to the movies. But does that make him a child molester?

     She was all over the soccer players—sitting by them on the bus, giving back rubs after practice, sending them text messages.

     It was against our rules to have patients in his office with the door closed. But he was the Director, so what were we supposed to do?

Policies define the bandwidth of acceptable behavior in your organization—what’s permitted and what’s not—and inform and empower employees and volunteers to take action before an incident occurs. In each of the incidents above, someone saw something that looked suspicious or didn’t seem quite right, but failed to act. They didn’t want to accuse a co-worker of molesting a child or vulnerable adult, and they didn’t know what else to do.

Praesidium starts with an extensive review of your existing policies to determine which work, which need fine-tuning, and which are missing. Next, we work to develop policies that permit you to accomplish your mission while prohibiting behaviors most commonly associated with abuse in the types of programs you operate. For each policy, we provide an educationally sound rationale to help everyone in your organization understand its importance and comply with implementation.

Sound policies provide the foundation for a safe environment. Let Praesidium help build yours. Contact us to learn more about our policy development services and pricing for your organization.