Do you adequately train your employees and volunteers?

Or do they just get a “check in the box” for sitting through another annual training? Your employees and volunteers share in the responsibility to protect those in your care from abuse. But they cannot succeed unless they know what is expected and how to execute their responsibilities. And legally, if you fail to properly train those you put in the care, custody, or control of children or vulnerable adults, your organization could be found negligent.

Part-time and full-time, from managers to direct care employees to volunteers, executives to board members—everyone has a contribution to make and a role to fulfill. This is exactly why Praesidium offers a wide array of training opportunities including online courses, onsite workshops, mini-minder trainings for just-in-time learner experiences, webinars, train-the-trainer, and comprehensive DVD-based programs. We can develop the ideal training delivery system and best practice training standards specifically tailored to your programs. Contact us to learn more about our training services and pricing for your organization.

Armatus® Online Training

Finally, online training that’s more than a Power Point! Armatus® courses include specific learning objectives, exceptional content, engaging graphics, frequent interactivity and a content mastery quiz. And, Armatus® comes with a robust database that allows you to easily track course completion and generate custom-designed compliance reports. Praesidium can even build courses exclusively for your organization or with your content.

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Onsite Training

Praesidium’s comprehensive library of onsite workshops can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your program. Our training reflects contemporary adult learning theory and produces measurable results and high participant satisfaction ratings. A few of our more popular workshops include:

  • Understanding and Preventing Abuse
  • Employee and Volunteer Screening and Selection
  • Preventing Peer-to-Peer Abuse
  • Protect Your Reputation!
  • Monitoring and Supervision for Safety
  • Preventing Abuse at Summer Camp
  • Preventing Abuse in Hospitals and Healthcare Settings
  • Keeping Your University Safe

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Youth and Parent Education

Parents and even children and youths can play an important part in safety when they learn what to watch for and how to respond. Praesidium has developed abuse prevention training for parents and age-appropriate programs for youths of all ages.

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