Risk Assessment & Accreditation

Risk Assessment and Accreditation®

Publicly demonstrate your organization’s commitment to safety!

Parents worry that a child molester will sexually abuse their child at school, church, camp, or sports practice. Adults worry that a nursing home attendant will take advantage of their vulnerable loved one. And with these worries, consumers rightfully expect that organizations will do whatever is necessary to keep predators away.

Now your organization can achieve the nationally-recognized gold standard in organizational abuse prevention. A comprehensive Praesidium risk assessment tells you exactly where your organization may be most at risk and the steps you can take to reduce exposures.

During our onsite visit, Praesidium safety analysts use our proprietary review process and systematic methodology to scrutinize the eight organizational operations from Praesidium’s Safety Equation®. We review your organization’s policies; employee and volunteer screening, training, and supervision; consumer participation; systems for responding to suspicious or inappropriate interactions, policy violations, or suspected abuse; and your board and leadership’s involvement in creating and maintaining a safe environment.

Following the onsite assessment you receive a comprehensive analysis of strengths and weaknesses in each operation and across your programs. Praesidium then provides hands-on technical assistance and support to fully address each potential exposure and help you come into compliance with each best practice standard.

Organizations that comply with Praesidium’s best practice standards become Praesidium Accredited. Praesidium Accreditation® proudly tells everyone — your consumers, your community, your insurance underwriters — that your organization meets the highest safety standards in the nation.

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