Youth & Parent Education

Youth and Parent Education

Add parents and youths to your abuse prevention efforts.

Involving parents and youths can significantly increase the effectiveness of your child safety efforts. Parents can learn to identify and report suspicious or inappropriate interactions or policy violations and youths can learn valuable self-protection skills.

Praesidium offers a variety of practical education programs for parents and age-appropriate information for children and youths. Contact us to learn more about our services and pricing for your organization.

Programs for Children and Youths

Molesters count on young children not knowing the names of their body parts, rules about their bodies, the meaning of sexual abuse, or what to do if someone abuses them. They search for teens they can manipulate or control or who may be lonely, isolated, or different. Praesidium’s programs teach children and youths the warning signs and what to do when they see them.

  • Abuse Prevention for Athletes – Youths learn healthy boundaries with coaches and other athletes, how to protect themselves from abuse, and steps for reporting inappropriate behavior.
    Available in the Armatus® library of online courses.
  • Building Boundaries – Provides volunteers or early childhood educators with lesson plans and hands-on activities to teach self-protection and boundary skills to children in grades K – 5. Available to Catholic organizations as Called to Protect® for Young Children.
  • Your Boundaries. Your Call!® – This three-part DVD program teaches middle and high school students how to recognize their personal boundaries, respond if someone tries to violate those boundaries, and what to do if someone sexually abuses them or someone they know.
    Available to Catholic organizations as Called to Protect® for Youth.

Programs for Parents

Parents know their children better than anyone and have countless opportunities to know what’s going on in their lives: who they play with, which teachers they like, how their coaches interact with them, and which teammates they don’t get along with. Even in the safest organizations, parents are still the primary protector of their children. Praesidium’s trainings help engage parents in your organization’s youth protection process.

  • Called to Protect® for Parents and Families – information and tips to help parents talk about and prevent abuse and boundary violations with their children.
  • Keeping Your Foster Home Safe – online course that teaches practical skills to prevent abuse and false allegations in a foster home.
  • Onsite Parent Training