Incident Investigations

Incident Investigations

You hear rumors-or worse. Now you need the facts.

You learn that an employee’s interactions with a child or vulnerable adult in your program are suspect. Or an anonymous caller leaves a message with details accusing a former employee of abuse. You’ve notified the authorities but they decline to investigate, claiming there’s not enough to go on, the complaint doesn’t sound criminal, or the child is no longer at risk. What now?

Just because the police or child protective services decline to act doesn’t mean your moral responsibility or legal liability ends. While they look for evidence of a crime or a licensing violation, your focus should be on finding the truth, identifying potential gaps in your policies or procedures, and reaching out to those who may have been harmed. Don’t wait until a crime has been committed and lives destroyed.

Let Praesidium’s investigative team uncover the truth. Are there gaps in your policies and procedures that nearly allowed something tragic to happen? Was a youth or vulnerable adult harmed? What steps should be taken next? Praesidium’s incident investigations answer these questions and help your organization map out a specific action plan.

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