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Help is on the Way with Praesidium’s Helpline

Help is on the Way Heart racing and hands shaking, you pick up the phone just as your employees are leaving for the day. They smile and call out, “have a good night,” but you know your day is far from over. It happened, even though you implemented policies to protect the consumers in yourRead More

The How and Why of Praesidium Investigations

A single incident of abuse can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering for a child or vulnerable adult and perhaps your organization recently experienced or narrowly avoided such an incident. It is important to understand that if you do not have an effective plan in place, “You risk contaminating the witness, tainting the investigationRead More

Electronic Communications and Organizations’ Duty to Protect

Around 95% of youth ages 12 and 17 use the internet daily. Internet usage may expose youth to sexual offenders, who seek contact with minors via social networking sites and apps. With changing technologies, the dynamics of abuse have also changed. Per a report from the Michigan State Police, Instagram has become the primary meansRead More

Lifting the Limits: Update on Changes in Statutes of Limitations

We know that offenders need access to youth or vulnerable populations to perpetrate sexual abuse. To obtain this access, we know offenders often seek employment or volunteer opportunities with youth-serving organizations. Over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen changes in the legal requirements and responsibilities for organizations to implement prevention systems to keep theRead More

Top 5 Tips to Ensure Your Staff is Prepared

Top 5 Tips to Ensure Your Staff is Prepared for the New Year We hope that the new year brings optimism for your organization’s safest year yet.  Of course, we all know that optimism is not a strategy, so what safety items should you be thinking about to prepare your staff in the new year? Read More

The Difference Between a Sexual Harassment Policy & an Abuse Prevention Policy

An employee sexual harassment policy is focused on preventing and responding to employee sexual harassment and discrimination.  An abuse prevention policy is focused on keeping children, consumers, vulnerable, and elderly in your programs safe from sexual, physical and mental abuse. Ensuring strong policies for both can keep you, your staff, and those you serve safe.Read More

Five Prevention Tips for Creating a Culture of Safety within Healthcare Organizations

Five Prevention Tips for Creating a Culture of Safety within Healthcare Organizations—Preventing Sexual Misconduct In 2017, a CNN investigation found that more than 1,000 nursing homes were cited for mishandling or failing to prevent alleged cases of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse at their facilities between 2013 and 2016. An investigation by the Atlanta JournalRead More

8 High-Risk Activities for Day Camps and Overnight Camps

It’s almost time to go back to camp. In order to provide campers and staff with safe and enjoyable camp experiences, camp leaders must understand how to recognize high-risk activities and how to implement abuse prevention best practices. To begin evaluating your  day camps and overnight camps – start with these eight key areas:  Read More

Importance of Training to Prevent Abuse

There are thousands of youth-serving organizations across the United States offering a wide range of services to children and adolescents. Unfortunately, many children in these organizations fall victim to abuse. However, at Praesidium, we believe that abuse is preventable. One way to prevent abuse is through effective abuse prevention training. Continue below to identify theRead More

6 Key Questions a Parent Should Ask of a Camp

As your evaluating camps for your children, make sure to ask some specific questions of the camp to ensure the camp takes abuse prevention seriously. What are the camps abuse prevention policies and procedures? Answers to look for: They have a Staff Code of Conduct they can share with you that includes Limitation of one-on-one interactions PoliciesRead More