Youth Sports and Fitness

Kids love sports, and child molesters love to be around kids.

Kids love sports, and child molesters love to be around kids, making youth sports and fitness facilities perfect environments for an offender to find potential victims. With more than 38 million youths participating in sports, research estimates there may be as many as 7.5 million athlete victims—abused by a coach or sport executive, volunteer or chaperone, another athlete, or even a stranger in a locker room or at an event. And no sport is immune. Recent incidents have occurred in basketball, football, hockey, soccer, swimming, tennis, and many other sports.

In addition to organized sports, many fitness facilities now offer services for youths—embracing an entirely new risk. Drop in child care, open memberships and organized activities for teens provide access to facilities and interaction with adults in locker rooms, restrooms, and showers.

The good news is that sexual abuse in youth sports and fitness facilities doesn’t have to happen. Click on the links below to learn more about the services Praesidium can provide to your organization.


     USA Swimming continues to be impressed with Praesidium’s commitment to understanding the unique aspects of the swimming community in order to create customized trainings that speak to our membership in a context and language that is meaningful for them.

    Together, Praesidium and USA Swimming have created an abuse prevention training that is the first of its kind in the Olympic movement. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the training and are confident that we have a more empowered, vigilant membership population as a result. We truly believe that education is the cornerstone of our Safe Sport Program and are proud to call Praesidium our partner in that effort.

Susan Woessner
Director of Safe Sport, USA Swimming