Ten percent of students become targets of educator sexual misconduct before they graduate.

One urban school district recently compiled its serious incident reports for a school year and calculated over 800 incidents of a sexual nature. The incidents ranged from elementary children touching each other in the bathroom to teens having sexual activity in an empty classroom to a coach sending an athlete several thousand suggestive text messages. And we’ve all seen what seems to be an endless stream of teachers on television pledging their love for one of their teenage students. What’s especially alarming is that in many of these cases others suspected wrongdoing but failed to take action!

Praesidium works closely with large and small urban and rural school districts, independent faith-based and secular schools, and other educational programs across the nation to help keep their students safe from abuse and their teachers and volunteers free from false allegations.

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     For the past several years Praesidium has provided a wide range of helpful services to CPS in our ongoing efforts to keep children safe from child sexual abuse in the school environment. Praesidium completed a comprehensive review of policies and practices and provided excellent recommendations; delivered well-received training to all school administrators; reviewed and analyzed safety practices employed by a vendor organization; and provided litigation support services. Praesidium’s highly professional staff are truly the experts in organizational abuse risk management and they understand what needs to happen in schools. I strongly recommend them.

Celeste Sullivan
Risk Manager, Chicago Public Schools

     Over the past six years, River Oaks Baptist School has turned to Praesidium for abuse prevention training, criminal background checks, policy development, and ongoing consultation. We were pleased to obtain Praesidium Accreditation; an achievement that communicates to our faculty and staff, parents, and community that our school adheres to the highest standards in the industry. We look forward to continuing our partnership in promoting a safe environment.

Paul Mayhew
Associate Head of School for Operations, River Oaks Baptist School