The Impact

The Impact

The impact of abuse on victims and organizations

A single incident of abuse can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering for a child or vulnerable adult and irreparable damage to an organization’s reputation, financial stability, and insurability. Maybe you’re here because your organization recently experienced or narrowly avoided such an incident. Or maybe you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep those in your care safe. Although research shows that sexual abuse is widespread—it affects more individuals than heart disease, breast cancer, drug abuse, and autoimmune diseases—it doesn’t have to happen in your organization!

Read on for more information about the impact of sexual abuse, then explore the rest of our site to learn how we can help your organization.

Sexual Abuse Statistics

Impact on Victims

The immediate effects of sexual abuse often include depression, anxiety, aggression, and self-harm. Long-term effects may include poor physical and mental health, impaired social skills and academic performance, developmental and behavioral problems, and an increased participation in high-risk activities like drug abuse or sexual promiscuity.

Victims of sexual abuse are:

Impact on Organizations

Organizations where sexual abuse occurs typically experience financial loss, damaged reputation, and low morale. Entire programs are shaken by incidents of abuse, left wondering what they could have done to prevent the incident from occurring in the first place.

Step back from these alarming and tragic facts and ask yourself, “How would I feel if this happened in my program or under my watch—or to my child?” Now is the time to take action.