Screening & Selection

Screening and Selection

Less than 5 percent of molesters have a criminal record!

Your first line of defense against sexual predators is to keep them out of your organization. But relying solely on background checks, or cutting corners in the screening process, can cause a child or vulnerable adult a lifetime of suffering and cost your organization its reputation and financial stability.

Answer the questions below about your screening process, then read on to learn how Praesidium’s comprehensive solutions meet due diligence standards in deciding who has access to those you serve.

  • Does your screening process communicate “zero tolerance” for abuse?
  • Has your hiring team been trained to ask behavioral interviewing questions that specifically assess increased abuse risk?
  • Can you identify red flags from applications, reference checks, and interviews?
  • Does every employee and volunteer go through the same process—even when you’re in a hurry?
  • Are you prepared to articulate and defend your practices to parents—or to a jury?

Praesidium Screening and Selection Toolkit

Praesidium’s Screening and Selection Toolkit is the most comprehensive package of its kind, complete with everything your organization needs to effectively screen employees and volunteers. Resources include sample application and reference check forms; more than 80 “red flag” indicators for identifying high-risk applicants; and hundreds of examples of high and low-risk responses on applications, interviews, and reference checks.

Screening and Selection Workshops

Praesidium’s Screening and Selection Workshops are tailored to your industry, and utilize a variety of training methods including case studies, actual dialogue from pedophile chat rooms, and examples of hiring mistakes that led to costly litigation.

Background and Reference Checks

To complete your hiring needs, Praesidium offers a wide array of background checks, as well as telephone reference checks and intensive screening for executives and board members. Click here for more information and pricing.