Anonymous Reporting hotline

Anonymous Reporting Hotline

Make employees, volunteers, parents, and participants part of your risk management team.

In many cases of abuse in organizations, someone reports noticing something suspicious or inappropriate but doesn’t say anything—until after the fact!

     We all joked about Bill spending so much time in the shower. After his arrest we realized he hung around the showers because that’s where the campers were.

     Other teachers thought it was odd, the students constantly coming to her classroom. She gave them nicknames and asked them to smell her perfume, but I never actually saw her doing anything illegal. And the students seemed to like it.

     He acted more like a kid than a coach. But I was afraid if I complained, he would take it out on my son.

To maintain a culture of safety, you want everyone in your organization to be a part of your risk management team. When someone sees a co-worker behaving in a way that looks suspicious, you want that person to take action before it’s too late. If a parent has a concern, the sooner you hear about it, the sooner you can respond.

Praesidium’s Anonymous Reporting Hotline removes barriers to reporting in your organization and provides employees, volunteers, parents, and participants an anonymous way to report suspicious or inappropriate behaviors and policy violations. One email or call to our toll-free number and a Praesidium expert will promptly gather information, alert you to the situation, and provide consultation on how to respond.

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