Become a Certified Praesidium Guardian

An exciting opportunity to serve those in your care and enhance your skills.

Because you care about the safety of those under your watch, we think you’ll be pleased to know that now you can become an expert in organizational abuse prevention.  You can become a Certified Praesidium Guardian™.

As part of the robust certification process, you learn best practices in organizational abuse prevention, including specific steps to take to prevent incidents of abuse by employees, volunteers, or program participants, and how to respond effectively if an allegation or incident occurs. You also learn how to ensure that your Y stays current and consistent in the implementation of abuse prevention best practices.

Who makes a good candidate?

Good candidates may come from any number of positions in your Y:  your current Praesidium Guardian, risk management, human resources, training, legal, program, Q/A, and so on.  What’s more important is that the selected individual cares deeply about the safety of those in their Y; be respected by colleagues; be well-organized; and have the time and flexibility to spend up to a few hours a week executing Praesidium Guardian responsibilities.

What are the benefits?

Your expertise as a Certified Praesidium Guardian demonstrates to Y members and your community that your Y takes abuse prevention seriously; and it demonstrates to insurance carriers that it has in place the highest standards in abuse prevention.  In fact, many carriers financially recognize the value of Praesidium’s services. And of course, your credential is a valuable career enhancement.

How is this different from the current Praesidium Guardian at my Y?

Your Association’s Praesidium Guardian has focused on leading your Y through Praesidium’s Know Your Score! self- assessment. The Praesidium Guardian Certification enhances this by providing an intensive learning experience that allows your Guardian to become your resident expert in organizational abuse prevention.  Your Guardian will learn how to effectively respond to the Know Your Score! results; how to respond to allegations or incidents of abuse; and how to maintain a culture committed to the safety of those in care.   As an added bonus, your Certified Praesidium Guardian will have unlimited access to Praesidium’s Guardian Community where they connect with their classmates and other Certified Praesidium Guardian colleagues from across the nation


The Praesidium Guardian Experience

The Praesidium Guardian Experience has three main components: online preparation activities; a three-day instructor-led workshop; and a Work and Learn Assignment, an individually designed skills application exercise.  The online preparation activities include completing approximately 8-10 hours of online courses focusing on Praesidium’s proprietary risk management model, the Praesidium Safety Equation™. This content prepares you for the workshop.

The workshop is a highly interactive experience, packed full of engaging activities, group discussions, and actual field work.  You will learn best practices in organizational abuse prevention and organizational change strategies to implement and maintain the best practices.

The Work and Learn Assignment involves you completing structured activities in your own Ys with guidance from Praesidium—actually applying on the job what you learned from the training.

Throughout all components of the certification process—and beyond—you benefit from access to Praesidium experts and to the online Praesidium Community where you can connect with your classmates and other Certified Praesidium Guardian colleagues from across the nation.

Enroll now to become an expert in organizational abuse prevention and join a rapidly growing national association of similarly committed individuals.  Become a Certified Praesidium Guardian.  You’ll earn a valuable credential you can carry throughout your career.

Cost and Registration

The Praesidium Guardian Certification Program is offered free of charge to YMCA attendees. Space is limited. Cancellations made less than three weeks prior to the workshop are subject to a fee. To cancel, contact us at

Audience Dates and Location Register
YMCA February 21-23, 2017 in Dallas, TX
YMCA September 19-21, 2017 in Dallas, TX


**Lodging and travel charges are the responsibility of the individual.**


Testimonials from Past Participants

     I have worked with Praesidium for more than 13 years and I have never experienced anything as inspiring and content rich as the Guardian certification. I am eager to share what I have learned with others.

Anne Calvo Sr. Director, Child Abuse Prevention, YMCA of the USA

     The certification experience provided me with in-depth training on a proven methodology to work toward the ultimate goal of a safe environment for the young people served by the Knights of Columbus.

Brian Gedicks Associate General Counsel, Knights of Columbus

     I really appreciated the national and international colleagues I was able to connect with and the expertise the Praesidium team brought to the discussion.

Shanna Gumaer Vice President, Quality Assurance & Program Development, The New York Foundling

     I strongly recommend Praesidium Guardian Certification for anyone who has responsibility in monitoring programs serving minors.

Nida Niravanh Risk Manager, University of California, Irvine



*If you are registered but cannot attend, Praesidium must be notified at least seven business days prior to the workshop of any cancellations or transfers. Failure to notify will result in the forfeit of any obligation by Praesidium. You may cancel your registration and receive a full refund (less registration fee of $50), or transfer to another workshop within a 12 month period. Substitutions may be sent in your place provided Praesidium is notified at least 24 hours ahead of the first day of the workshop.