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Holiday Risks: Are You Prepared?

The end of the year is a time for fun and festive holiday celebrations – often a time for bringing individuals together from all over to your organization for different events, parties, and activities. While your organization’s existing monitoring plans are likely effective for everyday activities, your typical day-to-day procedures might not be sufficient to […]

The Five W’s of Bullying and Tips for Prevention

1) Who? Bullying can occur in any youth-serving organization.  Research shows that every 7 minutes a child is bullied at school and approximately 160,000 children miss school each day due to fear of bullying.  – 2) What?  Experts define bullying as intentional, repeated, unpleasant, or negative behavior by one or more persons directed against a […]

Staying Safe on Social Media

We live in a digital generation and the constant evolution of technology can present unique adult-to-youth and youth-to-youth abuse risks. Being able to recognize the dangers surrounding electronic communication can help your organization prevent and respond to abuse stemming from social media. Adult-to-Youth Offenders need access, privacy, and control to abuse. Social media can provide […]

Managing High Risk Locations and Activities

What do bathrooms, field trips, aquatic activities, transition periods and free-play have in common? They are all associated with high-risk. While some high-risk locations and activities can’t be avoided, it is important for your staff to know how to monitor and supervise these settings to make them as safe as possible for your youth. The […]

Preventing False Allegations of Abuse

Fortunately, false allegations are rare. But, in today’s climate, anxiety about false allegations can paralyze those who work closely with children. Don’t let the fear of false allegations interfere with your mission to work with children. Following these simple rules can establish healthy boundaries to help prevent false allegations: 1. Follow your organization’s code of […]

Preventing Peer-to-Peer Abuse

The Associated Press recently released an article chronicling the mishandling of peer-to-peer abuse in schools across the country. The following excerpt from “Hidden Horror of School Sex Assaults” explains how pervasive this risk is: Contrary to public perception, data showed that student sexual assaults by peers were far more common than those by teachers. For […]

Communicating Your Abuse Prevention Commitment

As you prepare for summer activities and events, this is a good time to communicate your organization’s abuse prevention commitment to your program participant’s parents and guardians.  While many organizations shied away from talking about this topic in the past, Praesidium is encountering more and more organizations that are proud to publicize their hard work […]

Responding & Administrative Practices

This may be the last week of Child Abuse Prevention month, but at Praesidium, we know that preventing abuse is something that must be top of mind each and every day for everyone in your organization.  This week, we take a look at the final two operations of Praesidium’s Safety Equation: Responding and Administrative Practices. […]

Internal Feedback Systems & Consumer Participation

You’ve probably noticed that the tips we’ve provided this month are directly tied to the Praesidium Safety Equation operations.  That’s because, at Praesidium, we firmly believe that abuse prevention in organizations is most effective through a systems-based approach.  This week, we turn our attention to the next two operations: Internal Feedback Systems and Consumer Participation […]

Abuse Prevention Training & Monitoring and Supervision Practices

Child Abuse Prevention Month provides organizations with an opportunity to examine their abuse prevention practices. Last week, we focused on policies and screening, this week we turn our attention to abuse prevention training and monitoring and supervision practices. Training to Prevent Sexual Abuse To prevent sexual abuse, we must ensure that we provide our staff […]