Net Assets Publication Draws Upon Praesidium’s Expertise to Offer Innovative Solutions for Independent Schools


ARLINGTON, Texas (January 19, 2016) – NBOA’s Net Assets, an industry-leading publication for independent schools, recently featured Praesidium in the story, “A Very Real Threat”. The article addresses the issue of sexual abuse involving faculty and staff within independent schools, and the efforts these schools are taking to protect their students from this threat.

Author Donna Davis urges all schools to recognize and acknowledge the threat of sexual abuse on their campus. Praesidium’s Account Manager for Schools, Angelique Dale, takes it one step further by emphasizing, “independent schools often think that abuse is a problem in the public school system, but it couldn’t happen in their school where they ‘know’ everybody and the culture is more like a family setting instead of the typical school setting.”  When independent schools understand that abuse can happen on their campus, they can take steps to establish school-wide procedures to mitigate the risk of a child being abused by an adult associated with their institution (Davis).

The story recognizes River Oaks Baptist School in Houston, Texas for the steps they have taken to reduce this risk. Although the school already had policies for risk management in place, the administration decided to take additional steps to protect students. R.O.B.S. called on Praesidium to assess the eight critical organizational operations identified in Praesidium’s proprietary risk management model, the Praesidium Safety Equation™. Praesidium then recommended action steps and worked with R.O.B.S. to implement these comprehensive changes. This process took time. It demanded an overhaul in many of the central operations of the school, ultimately resulting in Praesidium Accreditation. This achievement signifies that R.O.B.S. meets the highest abuse prevention safety standards in the nation.

Davis draws upon the expertise of Praesidium to highlight the most important steps schools must take to keep students safe. Beyond background checks, schools must develop comprehensive screening and selection processes for hiring employees. Dale also urges schools to monitor and train current employees in addition to new hires. When schools take these steps, they not only protect their students from abuse, but their faculty and staff from false accusations, as well (Davis).

Whether it’s background checks, online training, or a comprehensive assessment, we can help your organization reduce its risk of abuse. For more information, contact Praesidium’s Account Manager for Schools, Angelique Dale.

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Angelique Dale