Praesidium Celebrates First Certified Praesidium Guardian

ARLINGTON, Texas (January 19, 2016)

Praesidium is proud to announce LeeKeshia Williams as the first certified Praesidium GuardianTM. LeeKeshia serves as the Youth Protection Program Manager at the University of Texas in Austin (UT) and participated in the inaugural Praesidium Guardian Certification workshop in Fall 2015.

LeeKeshia’s Work & Learn assignment, part of the certification process, involved the creation of a “Youth Protection Guidebook” for individuals working with youth in UT camps. This guidebook is designed to familiarize individuals with their role and responsibilities and outlines a variety of items including: reporting procedures, prohibited conduct, camper behavior management processes, various safety procedures, and key contact information.

“We are very proud of LeeKeshia’s achievement, which speaks to her commitment to reducing risk and fostering a culture of awareness about child sexual abuse.” said Candace Collins, Praesidium’s Director of Higher Education. “The guidebook she created integrates a variety of protection measures and will positively impact the safety of minors on their campus.”

Congratulations LeeKeshia on becoming a certified Praesidium Guardian, and thank you for all you do to protect those under your organization’s care!

To learn more about the Praesidium Guardian Certification, click here.