Praesidium Report 2021

Praesidium releases its annual report on sexual abuse management of vulnerable populations

 The Praesidium Report© details the impact of COVID-19 in mitigating risks and actionable recommendations to prevent abuse


Arlington, Texas – Praesidium, a national leader in risk management of sexual abuse of vulnerable populations, has released its 2021 Praesidium Report©. The report details research findings and provides industry trends relevant to preventing abuse.

The Praesidium Report© recognizes the “new normal” the pandemic placed on organizations that provide critical programming to vulnerable populations.

“It can be tempting to assume that as in-person programming ceases, abuse risk is all but eliminated,” said Praesidium President and CEO Aaron Lundberg. “However, as organizations temporarily closed their facility doors because of COVID-19, new risks emerged.”

The report details the stressors put on these organizations including managing a public health crisis while meeting basic needs, understanding virtual communication policies, navigating screening limitations, operating with limited staffing and more.

While presenting the unique risks for organizations in the midst of COVID-19, the Praesidium Report©© also showcases the immediate opportunity to mitigate abuse moving forward. In outlining lessons from 2020, the report challenges organizations to consider key aspects of their abuse prevention efforts as they transition back to pre-pandemic operations. Those considerations include:

  • How has our risk changed?
  • Where can we bolster our efforts to bring balance to new risks?
  • What resources do we need to manage these shifts?
  • How can we stay nimble but remain safe moving forward?

The Praesidium Report© outlines how prevention services are needed now more than ever. The report details how the Praesidium Safety Equation is supporting organizations by considering eight key operational areas and how they — as a system — create a safe environment that include policies, screening and selection, training, monitoring and supervision, internal feedback systems, consumer participation, responding and administrative practices.

“It is our mission to help protect vulnerable populations from abuse and to help preserve trust for the organizations that serve them,” said Lundberg. “The Praesidium Report© was developed to help organizations stay informed on the latest trends and research to prevent abuse of vulnerable populations.”

The Praesidium Report© is free and can be accessed here.


About Praesidium:

Praesidium specializes in preventing sexual abuse in organizations that serve youth and vulnerable adults. Over a period in excess of 30 years, the company has reviewed over 4,000 cases of abuse within organizations to determine the root causes of sexual abuse within organizational settings. Praesidium employs more than 40 staff, including licensed social workers, lawyers, health care researchers and other experts. The company has served over 5,000 clients with a broad range of products and services to aid organizations in preventing abuse, including online and instructor‐led trainings, organizational risk assessments, model policies and incident investigations. Having trained more than one million people online and hundreds of thousands in person, Praesidium is the largest and most comprehensive sexual abuse risk management firm globally.